Green LEED Certification


Boston Offices’ green LEED buildings are leaders in promoting renewable, clean energy.

One Boston Place is the very first LEED Gold building in the USA.

Exchange Place achieved Platnium LEED certification with the first real-time LEED dynamic plaque.

LEED Logo on the glass
One Boston Place is Boston’s First LEED Gold Office Tower.

LEED stands for green building leadership. LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council has transformed the way we think about our workplace community. Boston Offices believes choosing green will save you money. We place a very high value on a healthy office environment. Platnium LEED is the highest possible award and efficiency.

The work environment enjoys productivity benefits from actively managed heating and cooling, a lighting controlled sensor system that adjusts for energy efficiency and comfort, and an open and naturally lit setting that features uninterrupted views of Boston & beyond.

When you choose to work in a LEED building you become part of the sustainability community. We follow green living practices like water efficiency, better understanding of materials used and better indoor air performance. Green building techniques conserve natural resources by reducing the use of virgin raw materials and minimizing toxic resins and VOCs off-gassed by traditional building materials such as laminates, paint and carpet.

We all talk about saving our planet but making smart and sometimes challenging choices is what’s going to get the job done. Making the green choice by choosing a LEED building is a way for your company to have a positive impact on our environment.

You might also say we were the birthplace of the U.S. Green Building Council. One of their founders, Michael Italiano, is an Alum from our early days in the shared office space business. Way to go Mike!

U.S. Green Building Council

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