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1776: Revolutionizing Coworking Space

1776: Revolutionizing Coworking Space Coworking Space Congratulations to our friends at 1776! It’s not every day the President of the United States decides to swing by your coworking office for a quick hello. We look forward to the day President Obama decides to visit Boston Offices to meet our community of businesses, he is welcome any…

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Boston Office Networking Events: Mass. Clean Energy Center at TBC International Networking Event

Boston Office Networking Events Wednesday, June 25th, marked yet another successful international networking event for The Business Coalition! The event, which was hosted by Boston Offices at our 26th floor office venue, entailed a guest list of around seventy people who were eager to engage with members of the Coalition’s international community, listen on to the motivated speakers, and enjoy…

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Boston Video Conference Rooms: Video Conference Rooms to Help You Stay Connected

Boston Video Conference Rooms Here at Boston Offices, we strive to help our clients make connections anywhere around the world. Our top-notch video conference system is one way to keep you connected and up-to-date with your global contacts. Video conferencing provides businesses with an effective way of strengthening international relationships with clients without the travel…

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