Private Office Space for Professionals

Covid-19 has forced companies to reassess every aspect of their business. It has never been more important for professionals to be able to focus and get their best work done, with their business livelihood depending on it. We understand the difficulties businesses are facing and are ensuring we create a private office space for professionals…
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26 floor meeting room views in Boston

Boston office options for anyone!

Deemed essential, Boston Offices has been working around the clock to ensure all of our clients business needs are met and continue to thrive in these uncertain times. With our clients in mind, we have Boston office options for anyone! For instance, we offer solutions for those who prefer to work in the comforts of…
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Large Team Suite Lease in Exchange Place, Boston, MA

Establish A Satellite Office Space In The Heart Of Boston

As businesses try to reassess the needs of their team and their working conditions, the need for a safe and secure space is evident now more than ever. That’s where a cost-effective satellite office in the heart of Boston comes in! While some workers still want to remain at their homes, others are looking for…
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One Boston Place window corner suite

Now is the time to switch to a Private Office

The coworking sector has expanded exponentially over the last few years as companies take advantage of the cost and the sense of community that these spaces bring. However, the Coronavirus pandemic has forced businesses to reassess their needs and space, whether that means virtual office space or moving to a more privatized, secure office. Boston…
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berry rose sangria

6 Easy Drinks to Make While Stuck In Quarantine

6 Easy Drinks to Make While Stuck In Quarantine We love hosting Happy Hour at Boston Offices for our in-house and virtual office clients! However, now that we can’t mix up drinks for you, we’re bringing the bar to you! Here are a few easy, fun cocktails to try while the bars are closed and…
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10 Tips For Staying Productive While Working From Home

If you’ve scrolled through your social media feeds lately, chances are you’ve seen an abundance of posts by friends and family talking about their current “WFH” (working from home) status. Many organizations have made the decision to temporarily shut their doors in an effort to slow the spread of Coronavirus. At Boston Offices, we offer…
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How We Are Addressing The Challenges Of Coronavirus

As this global health challenge unfolds, more and more people are choosing to work remotely. We support our clients working from home, but understand that this can make running a business challenging. Whether you have a work-from-home schedule or are choosing to work remotely at this time, our team at Boston Offices is prepared to help!…
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Fuel for Getting Your Best Work Done

At Boston Offices we understand the role a cup of joe plays in the work day.  With two locations in the heart of the Financial District, our clients have access to many of Downtown Boston’s best options for coffee. Inside our offices, however, we’ve brought a brew far more special, eliminating the wait in line,…
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10 Best Places to Grab a Quick Lunch in Downtown Boston

Here at Boston Offices, we understand that when it comes to grabbing a bite to eat during the day, convenience is key. At times, hectic schedules and back-to-back meetings can leave you tempted to run outside and into the nearest fast-food chain to satisfy your hunger. However, we believe that it is our duty to…
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Pizza for Thanksgiving

Families across the country gathered around their tables this Thanksgiving filled with turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes. My family’s table, however, looked nothing like that. My family spent the holiday in Entebbe, Uganda, volunteering at the Malayaka House orphanage. The orphanage was founded by California native, Robert Flemming, in 2015 and is now a permanent…
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