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Updated 4/20/2021

The pandemic has altered the way companies and their employees operate on a day-to-day basis. While some love, and need, the ability to get out of their homes and into a private office to do their best work, others do not. Some of our clients have found that the ability to work from home has been a gift they do not want to give up. Avoiding commutes and parking around Boston has made the work-life balance better than they imagined. However, can an at-home model be sustainable? You certainly don’t want consumers showing up at your home looking for products or asking questions. That’s why a virtual office can drastically improve your home office.

At Boston Offices, we provide our virtual clients with a Boston business address.

You can use this address on your website, business cards, etc., and never have to worry about unwanted visitors arriving at your doorstep. We offer mail handling services as well, with customizable shipping options. To make it even more affordable, we offer mail pickup options as well. So if you want to stop by the office to get your mail for free, you are welcome to. We also offer a drop-in cafe with free Wi-Fi. If you’re in the city and need a place to work for the day, just give us a call and you will have a space for free that day!

How To Improve Your Home Office Even More!

Our virtual plans are completely customizable, as we understand every business is different. So, how can you set your sanctuary apart and improve your home office even more? Live answering is one of the additional services we offer. We provide you with a 617 area code phone number and answer any incoming calls in your company name. Then, we patch the call over to you (if you want to take it) or transfer them to voicemail. We want you to feel like you have an entire staff at your disposal, because you do!

Ready to start? Check out our virtual office options here:

Email to sign up and receive an additional month FREE!

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