Boston Offices Case Study: Poseidon Water Succeeds with Boston Offices!


Boston Offices Case Study

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Poseidon is one of Boston’s best kept secrets.   A billon dollar green technology company headquartered two blocks from Downtown Crossing.

At Boston Offices, we have a great collection of growing businesses including Poseidon Water.  Poseidon Water is building the nation’s largest seawater desalination plant in sunny and water starved southern California.  Named in honor of former Carlsbad Mayor Claude ‘Bud’ Lewis, the Carlsbad Desalination Plant has already produced more than 1.5 billion gallons of locally controlled water for San Diego County. This has helped to minimize the effects of the statewide drought on the region.  When asked about the facility, California Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins stated that, “Since the last major drought here a little over 20 years ago, the San Diego region has worked to conserve water as well as identify new water sources…The Poseidon project not only provides San Diego County with a drought-proof water supply, it also demonstrates how California can meet the water needs of future generations.”

aerial view map
Carlsbad Desalination Project in San Diego County, California.

Poseidon is also in the final phase of the Huntington Beach Desalination Project. The Project is a 50-million gallon per day facility currently in late-stage development. The desalination plant will be located adjacent to the AES Huntington Beach Power Station and is scheduled to be operational by 2018.

Poseidon & Boston Offices Case Study

For over 3 years, Poseidon has used the flexible term offices and service amenities at Boston Offices in order to remain flexible as they grow their leadership team.  From the offices to team spaces and meeting rooms, employees are able to meet with clients and work together on a variety of their billion dollar projects. Also, the front desk staff and personalised answering services allows Poseidon employees to be more focused on their work. To find out more about corporate shared office suites and coworking amenities provided to our clients, contact Boston Offices for a free quote and tour of our 26th floor office of One Boston Place or the 5th floor of Exchange Place (53 State Street, Boston, MA) at

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