What’s new in 2018 at One Boston Place?

rooftop deck

Wow, thanks for asking. Quite a lot actually.

1. This might be old news to some but One Boston Place has a full service conference center located on the 2nd floor. What you might not have heard about Convene is that they recently announced they’ll be making their in-house catering available to the whole floor. *GASP*. This is no ordinary catering either. This is five star, mouth watering, write home to mama catering and now it’s available to every tenant of One Boston Place. You’re welcome.

meeting room

2. After food comes fitness, or at least it should. OBP’s got you covered there too. OBP Fit is a fully outfitted, tenant-only fitness center located at the lower level of One Boston Place. If you’re looking for great equipment, group fitness classes, personal training and polished locker rooms, then you’ve come to the right place. And if you’re not looking for those things, you’re probably not looking for a gym. In which case I’ll direct you back to news bulletin #1: catering.


3. I know it’s only February but can we talk about this near-Spring weather we’ve been having? And you know what that means. Roof deck. Lots and lots of roof deck. Also located on the 2nd floor of One Boston Place.

rooftop work space

4. And this one goes out to all you bike commuters out there: OBP just opened their very own indoor, private, secured bike room. No more worrying about your precious two wheeled slice of zero-carbon-footprint being taken from you. Which probably also means no more excuses for not actually riding into work like you said you would when you bought it.

bicycle parking

5. Last but not least: you! To all the shiny new faces at Boston Offices: One Boston Place, welcome! We’re thrilled to have you with us up on 26. If you have questions about any of these amenities (or anything else), please feel free to swing by the front desk anytime for answers.

coworking entrance

And stay tuned for our “What’s new at Exchange Place” edition, coming soon. And if you know of something else going on at OBP, let us know!

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