Now is the time to switch to a Private Office

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The coworking sector has expanded exponentially over the last few years as companies take advantage of the cost and the sense of community that these spaces bring. However, the Coronavirus pandemic has forced businesses to reassess their needs and space, whether that means virtual office space or moving to a more privatized, secure office. Boston Offices offers secure private office space that will keep your company thriving, while still feeling a sense of community.

Benefits of a Boston Private Office

A private office allows you customization opportunities, with the ability to brand your space and make it feel like home. The open coworking floors, while cost effective and great for freelancers, feel more like a rotational spot than something that is truly yours. No matter how loud you turn your headphones up, you won’t be able to block out all of the noise and feel as productive as you would in a private office with all the square footage that is your own.

Cleanliness is important to clients now more than ever. If you sneeze, you don’t have to worry about everyone glaring over their laptops at you. In your private space, you can clean the area and feel safe, knowing you can control your space and how it is used.

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One issue we’ve heard from numerous clients who have viewed other spaces, ‘they have too much glass!’ Many coworking spaces have opted for glass over walls. At our One Boston Place and 53 State Street locations, you decide what you want people to see. Our flexible space allows for easy customization, with the option to frost glass. All of our offices are privatized with real walls, keeping the work that you need private-PRIVATE. You will have the ability to conduct business in confidentiality, with secure filing cabinets and walls to secure your information.

Don’t think we don’t value and promote community and camaraderie!

We understand many clients want the feeling of coworking space, while enjoying the benefits of a private office. Boston Offices regularly hosts happy hours and exciting events in our space. Our locations also have building amenities, such as a roofdeck and SHIFT community programs, allowing you to network. This allows clients to be part of a larger group at Boston Offices, but decide when they want to partake.

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At Boston Offices, we promote flexibility. Some companies, though growing, may feel that a private office move may be too much. We want businesses to develop and grow, which is why we offer flexible terms. This allows your company to continually reassess their needs on their terms. If you need more space, we have it. Need a smaller office? We have that too. Our local team is onsite every day and will work with you to ensure your business is developing exactly as you want.

As your business grows, so must the space you are operating in. While coworking spaces certainly have their benefits, it may be time to consider a move to a private office or team suite that you can make your own.

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