Fuel for Getting Your Best Work Done

man pours coffee

At Boston Offices we understand the role a cup of joe plays in the work day.

With two locations in the heart of the Financial District, our clients have access to many of Downtown Boston’s best options for coffee. Inside our offices, however, we’ve brought a brew far more special, eliminating the wait in line, and it’s even more delicious!

Beantrust prioritizes ‘Old World’ hospitality. The company’s mission centers around building community and connectivity, according to Founder Erik Modahl. Beantrust creates unique coffee, tea, and chocolate experiences for events, offices and more in the local area!

Bi-weekly we receive a blend of Bolivian fair trade and Colombian coffee medium roasted, which is “slow-brewed, smooth, refreshing cold brewed coffee. What makes this delivery even more special to our clients is it is hand delivered by the warm face and founder of Beantrust, himself Erik Modhal! Anyone who visits our offices is welcomed to a cup or a few, while supplies last!

man pouring coffee

Cold brew is coffee, but better. Accounts of humans using coffee for it’s awakening benefits date back to as early as the ninth century. While the benefits of consuming the precious bean have been known to man for years, more recently we’ve innovated our use of it! With traditional drinking and brewing shifting from warm to cold.

We strive to cultivate community and connectivity throughout our offices, for a harmonious work environment, encouraging you to get your best work done and feel great while doing it. Beantrust fits that mission perfectly, making this partnership even sweeter.

So skip the line, keep the money in your wallet, and join us around the fridge and see how we can make your day a little more brew-tiful!

-Nisaa Jackson

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