Five Reasons to Consider a Virtual Office

Updated: July 30, 2020

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The virtual office has allowed companies to thrive across the globe.

Technology now allows people to connect anytime, anywhere, to anyone in the world, from almost any device. It is dramatically changing the way people work, facilitating 24/7 collaboration with colleagues who are dispersed across time zones, countries, and continents.” – Michael Dell, CEO of Dell Corporation, explaining why a virtual office is the future of work.

Being able to hire talent and connect globally has forever changed the way we work in and think about office space. This rapid progression has forced countless organizations to reevaluate their office structure. As a result, companies are making the shift to mobile and virtual office options. This move has many advantages -and challenges- for the local entrepreneur and growing teams.

Why a virtual office is worth consideration:

  1. Cost effective

    We get it: ROI is everything. Traditional office space comes with a lot of baggage – rent, utilities, IT infrastructure, furniture, etc. A virtual office allows you on-demand access to traditional office space and meeting rooms. The other big advantage is you not long have to maintain the high long-term costs associated with an office space lease. You enjoy hourly, daily or monthly access to fully-furnished private offices and conference rooms equipped HD web conferencing & collaboration tools. Whether you’re local to Boston or part of a global team, you will enjoy significant savings with a Boston virtual office address.

  2. Real flexibility

    Teams need to be agile and flexible. With month-to-month terms and our willingness to listen to you and build a custom virtual office plan designed to fit your business, Boston Offices wants you to succeed. Therefore, we offer industry leading flexibility: add or change services on-demand. We have built a loyal client base in Boston by offering simple terms; immediate access; a staff that listens; In addtion, we have the highest ratio of meeting room availability in Boston’s class A flex term market.

  3. Premium business presence

    Enjoy a prestigious business address in one of Boston’s Class A office towers. Take advantage of digital mail handling options that include notification or scanning. Be confident that your calls are being handled expertly. We can assign you a 617 phone number and answer it locally by our friendly team. Make a powerful presentation in meeting rooms at an address that is designed to impress. Upgrade your residential address today.

  4. More productive employees

    Productivity is the name of the game in any business. Setting up a virtual office is a great way to help you get there. You and your team can work from anywhere during the hours that fit your deadlines. While still enjoying the benefits of a flex term office or team room when one is needed. Employees are being evaluated on productivity rather than hours logged. Therefore, you can set and achieve higher production goals. Whether you’re a night owl or an early riser, you choose how and when you work most efficiently.

  5. Nonexistent commute

    Have you ever done the math on how long you spend commuting in and out of work everyday? Well, we did and the results are shocking. A thirty minute commute to work everyday (which is just shy of the average in Boston) is 260 hours a year. That’s 421 days over your working lifetime! Imagine what you could do with that time. Utilizing a virtual office means you can work when and where you want. Be it, the comfort of your own home or in a fully equipped private office or meeting room.

If you want to do your own commuting math, check out this online calculator available here.

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So, need more reasons to go virtual:

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