10 Tips For Staying Productive While Working From Home

If you’ve scrolled through your social media feeds lately, chances are you’ve seen an abundance of posts by friends and family talking about their current “WFH” (working from home) status. Many organizations have made the decision to temporarily shut their doors in an effort to slow the spread of Coronavirus.

At Boston Offices, we offer a variety of Virtual Office Packages that can make this transition smoother for businesses.

However, we understand it’s not always the technical aspects that make working from home difficult, especially if it is something that’s new to you. Often, employees who are new to working from home struggle with concentration issues, loneliness, guilt and a lack of productivity.

Finding a strategy that works can help you make it through, and we have 10 tips for staying productive while working from home!

Create A Suitable Workspace

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The thought of transitioning from working in the office to working at home can be overwhelming, begging the question where does one begin?  Carve out your own at-home workspace designated for getting the job done. Although your bed and sofa may be tempting, a designated work-only space is a great way of creating a divide between your work and personal life. This is a useful way of signaling to others that you should not be interrupted while utilizing this space!

Follow A Daily Schedule

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While working from home, experts recommend that you keep a structured daily schedule and stick to it. Giving structure to your day will help you complete tasks throughout the day. This maximizes productivity and ensuring you keep your work time and personal time separate. Apps, like Trello, allow users to create a do-to list and cross off tasks as they are completed. Keep tasks very specific, measurable and achievable.

Keep Regular Contact With Team Members

If, like us, you are used to working a bustling office environment surrounded by team members and clients. You may start feeling a sense of isolation while working from home. We understand this can be very difficult to adjust to, but thanks to ever-advancing technology, keeping in contact with your colleagues has never been easier! We suggest planning team calls and Zoom meetings and, if you haven’t already done so, setting up a team Slack channel. Slack messenger allows for instant communication between team members. Keeping contact with team members can help with boosting employee morale, breaking up the day, and most importantly keeping employees connected to each other and their work!

Meal And Snack Prep!

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Research has shown that there is a scientific link between healthy eating and productivity. While working from home, it is very easy to spend the day snacking. What you choose to eat makes the difference! We recommend spending a short amount of time each morning preparing your food for the day. Some great options for food and treats linked to increased productivity are salmon, nuts, berries and bananas.

Get Plenty Of Fresh Air And Exercise

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Here at Boston Offices, we are firm believers in the power of fresh air and exercise. We recommend you structure your schedule to include spending some time away from your new work environment – your home! Going for a walk can help clear your mind and refocus your priorities. Our team has found stretching helpful, sitting down in your house for long hours can have an impact on your body and mind. These tips are great for boosting our mental well-being and staying positive, which has been proven to lead to higher levels of productivity.

Work From Home With A Partner or Friend 

Working alongside a friend or partner during these times can help keep morale high (with social distancing still in effect of course). There’s a variety of things you and your WFH buddy can do to keep productivity high. Have your partner keep you on track by timing your tasks or asking for them to frequently follow up on your goals for work for the day. You can also use healthy treats as incentives for getting together. Try scheduling your breaks together to keep some fun in the mix with an established line between work and play.

Use Separate Phones Or Put Your Phone On Do Not Disturb 

We all know the temptation of wanting to sneak a quick glance at a text or that burning desire to respond to that Instagram Direct Message, especially when working from home. We recommend using a separate phone for business and personal matters. If this isn’t an option for you, we recommend reserving phone usage for breaks. You can also put your personal device on Do Not Disturb and place it in a designated location away from your desk, but close enough to hear, in case of an emergency. For iOS device users, Do Not Disturb silences non pressing notifications and will only notify you if someone calls.

Staying Productive By Switching Tasks 

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This tip is one of our favorites here at Boston Offices. If your work or business is one that requires you to wear many hats, we recommend allocating the most time to tasks that are of greatest priority and switching between tasks frequently. Switching projects throughout the day can eliminate the monotony of routine work and ensures you are still staying productive even after you’ve hit a wall in another area of work.

Interact With Your Pet/Get A Fidget Gadget

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Some of the most common unanticipated struggles associated with working from home are loneliness, concentration and stress. If you don’t have a friend or partner to work alongside while home, a great alternative is to interact with your pet. Studies suggest interacting with pets, especially dogs and cats, can reduce stress and anxiety. Taking a quick moment to interact with your furry friend may be just the break you need to refocus your attention, ease your apprehension about work, and remind you that you are right at home! If you don’t have a pet, a rubix cube or fidget spinner could substitute for some stress relief.

Play Stimulating Music 

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Studies have long made claims that certain kinds of music can lead to increased productivity. Take this opportunity away from the office to turn on your favorite classical music to help get your work done. Playing music can help create a stimulating environment, and classical music can increase brain activity, leading to increased morale and over well being!

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