StubHub succeeds by team coworking at Boston Offices

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StubHub’s Boston coworking success.

Here at Boston Offices, we are fortunate to have a variety of talented companies in our private team coworking suites.  Many of these companies are from completely different industries and each offer a unique perspective around the office.  StubHub is one such company and they have been working from our shared office for nearly two years. It has been a pleasure to watch StubHub grow and succeed in their branded team coworking offices at Boston’s Exchange Place.

StubHub is the world’s largest ticket marketplace- providing a way to safely buy and sell tickets. They have over 10 million live sports, music and theater events available in over 40 countries. Recently, StubHub has surpassed yet another milestone- breaking their ticket sales record with Super Bowl LI. They sold 20% more tickets than in the previous year! This increase is said to be due to the mobile transition, which makes it easier for people to buy/sell tickets via their smart phones.

StubHub’s growth in Boston Offices

One advantage StubHub offers is the ability to use their service from anywhere at anytime through desktop and mobile devices. Being in a high growth stage, they required a physical space that allowed them to scale up while also allowing for their unique IT specifications. At Boston Offices, were able to accommodate these specifications which included robust security as well as the flexibility to grow on-demand. We’re here to handle the IT details and overhead so they can focus on what’s important: growth and development of a strong, local technical team. If this means offering a bigger space or taking down/putting up walls to ensure they can continue to scale up, we make it happen on very short notice! Working in a coworking environment specifically designed for corporations has made it possible for StubHub to grow and expand their Boston team at Boston Offices. We look forward to continuing to provide them with secure high-capacity IT.  We have optimized our network to give them a seamless user experience which results in fewer support calls and a productive StubHub Boston team. If your team is considering Boston coworking office space, we’re here to help by providing a Class A corporate workspace personalized to your business. Whether you need to accommodate accelerated growth or a mostly mobile workforce, we’ll create a Boston team coworking office solution just for you.

By: Daire FitzGerald
March 2017

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