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Boston Offices has been lucky enough to help support this year’s MassChallenge excitement! Last Wednesday, June 11th, we attended the Open House event at their new Headquarters on Drydock Ave and met an array of devoted-entrepreneurs involved in Boston’s start-up scene. Their redesigned, warehouse-gone-workspace style office proved to be the perfect venue for an open house of young start-ups and we were excited to return for the Alumni and Sponsor Dinner last night!

Last night’s dinner  included representatives from MassChallenge Alumni such as Ubiqi Health, Prime Student Loan, Railpod, Coachup, Elegant Therapeutics, WomenLEAD,  and various other successful start-ups who have graduated from the MassChallenge accelerator program. These companies have devoted immense amounts of time and effort into breaking new ground in the start-up scene and we had the pleasure of meeting some of these inspiring alumni at last night’s event, which entailed an evening of wine-tasting, networking and a seated Jeffersonian dinner.

Guests were randomly assigned seats and encouraged to ask each other questions to better understand who they were and what their passions might be. MassChallenge provide a survey of questions at each table to help stimulate conversation and connections among their guests.

One of the cutting-edge companies we were able to meet was Railpod , a company that monitors and improves the safety and accuracy of our railroads through robotic technology. Their quick and accurate technology makes it easier to carry out daily inspections of the railroad.

Calista Therapeutics, created in 2012, took some time to tell us about their mission to fulfill the unmet clinical needs in Cystic Fibrosis, Sub Arachnoid Hemorrhage and other diseases by developing a type of peptide drug. A very cool advance for the field of medicine!

Did you know there is now an off-road wheelchair? GRIT  told us a little about their Leveraged Freedom Chair (LFC) which they describe as the “mountain bike of wheelchairs.” A huge step for those with disabilities in developing countries.

Although there were a great deal of companies in the medical field in attendance, we also got to chat with a representative from Prime Student Loan, an organization created to help college grads translate their academic and career accomplishments into reduced student loan expenses. Their services, which are free, have helped to reduce their clients monthly student loans by over $350!

The idea of the dinner was to provide a reunion for MassChallenge alumni and sponsors and to celebrate the immense success these businesses have created for themselves by thinking outside of the box and taking innovation to a whole new level. Boston Offices has been a proud supporter of the program and will continue to support the start-up accelerator program this year as the next batch of start-ups prepare to to start their journey next week!

We congratulate the MassChallenge graduates on successfully breaking new ground in the Boston start-up community and  look forward to watching the progress of this year’s promising start-ups. We wish them all the best of luck as they embark on their MassChallenge! #MassChallenge14 #MCAlum #BostonStartUps #BostonOffices #Innovation

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