High Tech, Low Stress Zoom Rooms in Boston

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Looking for a space to host your next meeting?

Boston Offices features the most up-to-date Zoom Rooms in Boston.

Our offices hold multiple Zoom Rooms in the heart of Boston, equipped with wireless technology. Cast your presentation from anywhere in the room and allow multiple users to share! This reduces the burden of having to plug directly into an HDMI cable and having to switch between different computers.

Need to join a Zoom meeting that’s already been created? Not a problem! Just enter the Meeting ID and our system will connect you with that meeting. Our new video and audio systems will give you crystal clear sound and video, enhancing everyone’s experience.

conference room in Boston

What if I want to create a Zoom meeting on the spot? Once again, our system will allow you to do just that! Begin the meeting right from the touch screen and send invitations to guests from there as  well. This will allow you to focus on your meeting, regardless of if you have a laptop with you or not.

Our onsite staff will help with any technical questions that you may have and can walk you through the meeting process if you need.

So ditch the fake backgrounds and laptop camera and host your next meeting in a Class ‘A’ boardroom. Allow us to take away some of the stress for your next meeting and enjoy the amenities that Boston Offices has to offer.

  • Gourmet Coffee
  • Spring Water
  • Cable TV
  • Furnished reception area
  • Janitorial, cleaning and office maintenance and much more!

Call today at 617-419-7100 to schedule your next meeting with us and see how our Zoom Rooms in Boston can take your meeting to the next level!

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