1776: Revolutionizing Coworking Space

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1776: Revolutionizing Coworking Space

Coworking Space

Congratulations to our friends at 1776! It’s not every day the President of the United States decides to swing by your coworking office for a quick hello. We look forward to the day President Obama decides to visit Boston Offices to meet our community of businesses, he is welcome any time!

President Barack Obama stopped by 1776 last Thursday, a coworking space for tech startups in Washington, D.C., to commend the efforts of coworking spaces everywhere on their help with boosting the global economy. On the day before America’s birthday, Obama made a spontaneous visit to the recently new coworking space located just a few minutes down the road from the White House and had a chance to chat with multiple entrepreneurs who occupy the innovative space!

But what makes 1776 unique from other coworking space is the resources they provide to the young startups who run their businesses out of the 12th floor warehouse-style flat. The coworking space, which was born in 2013 out of Obama’s Startup America Initiative, provides their clients with “mentorship, corporate connections, access to capital, media attention, and a pipeline of top talent- the raw materials critical for innovators to succeed.”

During his speech, President Obama focused on economic growth and development in the United States, and the importance of motivated startups such as those who inhabit 1776 and the expanding community of co-working  spaces across the country.

“And I just have to say that the young people–and some not so young people–(laughter)–that I spoke to, coming from a wide range of backgrounds–we had former Army Rangers; we had lawyers; we had former HR folks, transportation experts, engineers–all of them had the kind of energy and drive and creativity and innovation that has been the hallmark of the American economy,” President Obama said.

As coworking space is becoming more mainstream, we are beginning to see a rapid increase of young startups who are ready to take their business ideas into the fields of education, energy, health care, government and other critical industries. The idea of a coworking space is to create a more conducive and creativity-enhancing environment for those who utilize the spaces.

Congratulations to 1776 and to the entire community of fellow coworking spaces, and a special congratulations to the startups and entrepreneurs who are working with immense determination and skill to grow their innovative ideas!

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