Our COVID-19 Response

Covid-19 Preventions

Our COVID-19 Response

We understand these past few months have presented you and your loved ones with many challenges. At Boston Offices, we want to make your private office as secure and safe as possible.

Social Distancing

We have installed social distancing signs throughout the suite. This includes floor stickers to remind everyone to attempt to remain 6 feet away from another person. Social distancing and hygiene protocol signage is also posted throughout the building. We have removed seating in all common areas.

Building Entrances/Exits

All clients and visitors are advised to wear facemasks/coverings (PPE) at all times while in the common areas of the building, including entering and exiting the building. Building management has provided signage to help direct traffic.

Visitor Check In

All visitors and guests will be directed to an area in front of the lobby security desk. Visitors are required to show a government issued ID. Security will check all IDs behind plexiglass. Following check in, guests will be directed to the turnstiles and to the appropriate elevator bank. Please attempt to remain 6 feet away from the next person.


Building management has posted signage with the maximum number of people for each elevator. Social distancing stickers have also been placed on the floors to help remind people of the 6 foot goal.

Meeting Rooms

Our team removed seating in the meeting rooms to accommodate for social distancing. Meetings of more than 10 people must be approved in advance. The Boston Offices team will be responsible for cleaning meeting rooms after each use.

Telephone booths

Please let us know when finished using any of our large private phone booths. Signage is posted on each door as a reminder. Our team will sanitize after each use

Boston Offices Janitorial/Cleaning

We have enhanced cleaning & professional sanitation throughout all common areas. Our team will continue to clean the common areas throughout the day. We will keep a daily log. Building management will continue to clean your office at night. We recommend keeping your desk as clear as possible, so the cleaners can properly wipe down your desk. If you wish to have your suite professionally sanitized, please let us know so we can request a quote.

Building Management Janitorial/Cleaning

Building Management will have a designated ‘Day Porter’ responsible for periodically disinfecting and cleaning all high touch-point doors, revolvers, handles, turnstiles, elevator call buttons, security

Private offices vs open office

Your private office has a door and lock. In addition, there will be additional cleaning staff visiting all common areas disinfecting/cleaning touch points. All cleaning products utilized for disinfecting are CDC approved.


The HVAC building automation system ensures fresh air intake. This will be maximized each day based on outside temperatures. In addition, MERV13 filters are being used as part of the preventative maintenance program. All elevator fans will be monitored and checked for functionality


The building will continue twice daily cleanings of the restrooms. Boston Offices staff will also regularly check the restrooms. Please help us in this important monitoring by immediately sharing any issues or concerns.

Disclosure of Confirmed Cases

Boston Offices will notify all clients if a positive test result is reported by anyone working on the floor. We are prohibited from releasing personal information. However, we will share the last reported visit date.

Virtual Office

Boston Virtual Offices:

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