EY Entrepreneur of the Year grows with Boston Offices (& other news)


Summer is upon us and things are certainly heating up around the office! Here’s the latest and greatest from around our virtual water cooler:

Globalization Partners tops BBJ, EY winner & more!

 Photo courtesy of Globalization Partners

According to the nationally accredited Boston Business Journal, it looks like Boston Offices has a natural-born leader among the pack. That’s right, all eyes are on Globalization Partners as they now come in at #1 on the list for the Fastest-Growing private Companies in Massachusetts. As an internationally recognized name in global Employer of Record services, their platform has transformed the “taxing” (pun very much intended) task of global payroll.

Like our old friend, Billy Mays would say, “But wait – there’s more!” Nicole Sahin and her ever-expanding team have recently received a number of other accolades, including but not limited to:

We are always happy to support female entrepreneurs in all that they accomplish on a daily basis. Stay tuned for more coverage on all of Boston Offices’ Lady Bosses.  

And in other news…

Congrats to our international coworker, Proper Pipe

We are proud to celebrate not only one of our own, but also one of MassChallenge’s 128 startups participating in their 2017 accelerator program, Proper Pipe.

They have come a long way since their conception in the snowy caps of Iceland in 2013. Proper Pipe has worked tirelessly to continue improving global water, oil, and gas supply systems by perfecting global piping systems. Did you know: for every pipe that leaks, resources are being taken from the billions of people who do not have such easy access?

With this new opportunity, Proper Pipe will be receiving numerous helpful resources as a part of a cohort of innovative companies that are on the fast track to change the world. As one of only 8 companies in clean technology to make the roster, this is a huge win. We’re rooting for you!

New neighbors

 Photo courtesy of

Exciting news has reached our ears from just downstairs! The historic Boston Globe has moved into Exchange Place at 53 State Street in the Financial District. Who knew we were just blocks away from what used to be Boston’s “Newspaper Row”, the Globe’s original location in the 19th century. Welcome home neighbor- give us a ring if you need any sugar!

‘Sailing into Summer’ cocktail hour

While I must say that I seem to be the only one around Boston Offices who actually enjoys this crazy weather we’ve been having, I guess everyone deserves a bit of sunshine for how hard we’ve all been working this winter. With the dawn of summer on the horizon, what a better way to welcome weekend salty trips to the Cape or beautiful lunch walks to the harbor than with a “Sailing Into Summer” cocktail party!

It was a blast getting to kick back and enjoy the ocean vibes (albeit projected from Chromecast seeing as the only “swimming” anyone was going to do that day was walking to the MBTA…) with the family. Have a great summer everyone!

There’s actually a way to enjoy the gym now?!

A new state of the art health facility is now open at One Boston Place, along with a roof deck and community lounge. Enjoy coffee, tea, and water with a stunning view of historic Boston and its shoreline. Now you can go to work or your next meeting, and still say you were at the gym! Or take a short elevator ride down for a bit of sunshine and fresh air- wifi included!… Just another perk included with your shared office space. 

Aly Garcia
July 2017


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