Boston Virtual Office – 5 Ways to Succeed in 2015


 Boston virtual office overlooking Beacon Hill and DTX

2015 promises more international business in Boston.  How will your business compete for its share?  Many are choosing to save money and compete with a Boston virtual office.  Boston virtual offices give your business an instant, globally recognized address while maximizing flexibility.  With a Boston virtual office you have the freedom to touch down and work where you want and meet when you want.  We specialize in providing a Boston virtual office on your terms.

As one of the top tech start-up locations in America, Boston offers access to an innovative and highly educated market.  If you don’t already have a presence here, this is certainly the year to open your own Boston virtual office.

Follow these five essential steps to optimize Boston virtual office success in 2015 and make the most of your business’s global expansion.

  1. Touchdown and Get to Know Boston’s International Appeal

Once you’ve found your Boston virtual office, get to know the city.  Home of the Boston Marathon, the historic Freedom Trail and arguably some of the greatest teams professional sports has to offer, Bostonians have a lot to be proud of.  Make it a point to be informed and keep up with the current local news.  Breaking the ice with the latest Red Sox win or recommending lunch at the Clover food truck near South Station can offer an opportunity to relate on a personal level, build stronger relationships and establish trust.  More often than not, trust is what makes a potential lead sign on the dotted line.  So, although you might only be a huge Ohio State fan and don’t care to follow the NFL as much, knowing how well Rob Gronkowski has been playing for the New England Patriots might be the catalyst to landing you that big deal.

  1. Reserve a Day Office or Conference Room with our Online Boston Virtual Office Tool

Starbucks can no longer compete with super-fast 1GB internet fiber connections, complimentary locally roasted coffee, onsite printing, networking opportunities and presentation tools.  If you know you’ll be in Boston, make it a priority in 2015 to call ahead and reserve a workspace.  You will save yourself the last minute stress of possibly not getting a booking and avoid having to work amongst the chaos of café culture.

  1. Maximize your Boston Virtual Office Touchdown

When you’re here, make the most of it.  With a little planning and communication, you can turn one hour of co-working space into a networking opportunity.  Or reserve a conference room and turn one hour into two half-hour meetings with a view of the Boston skyline.  Need a white board or a portable TV for a presentation?  Maybe you could benefit from making or taking calls from a Boston landline?  Anticipate your needs and then ask how they can be accommodated.  Many times, for little or no additional cost, you can bring your business to that next level, even if just for an hour.

  1. Promote your Boston Virtual Office through Social Media

What better way to make the most of your business’ virtual office space than to promote yourself virtually?  Social media tools act as a low cost, effective way to reach out to potential and existing clients.  Make a point to blog, tweet, Facebook or Instagram your business in relation to the Boston market.  When you touch down in your co-working space, prioritize advertising it through social media.  When people discover your offices in Boston, they will see beyond the address and straight to the business you are effectively doing here.

  1. Network Globally at your new Boston Virtual Office Events

Boston Offices makes it easy for you to connect with other businesses through frequent, onsite networking events.  Make an effort to attend a few this year and expand your number of connections!  The more connections in your network, the more potential clients you will make.  With many international, national and Boston-based clients, you could expand globally just by touching down in your own virtual Boston office space and attending one of our events!

As 2015 begins to gain speed, remember to periodically ask us to help you optimize your Boston virtual office benefits.  Making the most of your new touchdown office is just one way we will work to help you succeed -globally- in Boston.

How can we help you optimize for success with a Boston virtual office space?  Tweet us at @BostonOffices

 Boston virtual office conference room overlooking Boston Common & Pru Tower